Rose Coloured Spectacles

“I am trying to post stuff more frequently.” Whoops. Anyway, here’s D. Rose and the 2010/11 Chicago Bulls.

The Last Dance has me thinking a lot about my Chicago Bulls.

When I say my Chicago Bulls, I mean the team that I watched. The team that was mine. The Michael Jordan teams from the 90s were not my team. I barely knew what basketball was back then. I’d seen Space Jam, but that was about it.

The 2010 Finals were really when I started watching the sport, but the 2010/11 season was when I found a team and followed them. That team was the Chicago Bulls.

The 2010/11 Chicago Bulls were my team.

And looking back at them is a lot of fun.

Don’t get me wrong, MJ’s Bulls were a far better team than the 2010/11 Bulls, but I didn’t watch them. I watched this team, and I watched Derrick Rose in his MVP year. I loved that season too, I loved watching Derrick Rose play, it was exciting, it was fun, and they won games.

I was staying up until about 6am (especially in the Playoffs) just to watch basketball on some dodgy stream, which, depending on the stream, was so pixelated the ball was just a few orange squares on the TV.

Rose was great that year. People say that LeBron should have won the MVP, and maybe they were right, but he didn’t. Derrick Rose won it. 25 points per game, 7.7 assists per game, All-Star, All-NBA, best player on the league’s best regular season team. MVP.

I remember watching the Playoffs too, and bloody, Psycho T, Tyler Hansbrough (who? exactly.) being a story in the first round when the Bulls played the Pacers, because he had a good game. If memory serves in the first game, the Pacers were leading for most of it, but the Bulls pulled out a win down the stretch because Rose just, did what your best player should do and won the game.

I think it was Game 3 of the second round when Derrick Rose had a (then) career high in points (upon Googling it, that was 44 points) against the Hawks and that was cool to watch. They won the series, and me in 2011 was all, “Wow, basketball is ace! I can’t wait for the Bulls to win the Championship and it’s going to be even more fun that it is now, and I’m having so much fun right now!”

Hahahaha, oh god.

Yeah, losing to the Heat kind of sucked. I remember people saying, “make anyone else but Rose beat you,” and that’s what the Heat did. The team wasn’t quite there yet, as amazing as I thought they were. Luol Deng wasn’t an All-Star yet. Joakim Noah wasn’t that Defensive Player of the Year yet, or the player where you could stick him in the high post or the top of the key and run everything through him because he’s such a great passer yet. So the Heat kind of took advantage of that. They won in 5.

At least we had this:

But I remember thinking, “that sucked, but there’s next year. This is going to be a great team to watch for a while. Derrick Rose is going to be a great player to watch for a while.”

Everyone knows what happened next. The injuries ruined Rose.

I’m not here to get into that, but I believe that if he stayed healthy, the Bulls have at least one Championship. The other players become better. They have their superstar, their MVP player. They get a steal of a draft pick in Jimmy Butler. Maybe if all this happens even Carmelo Anthony joins in Free Agency. That sounds like a Championship to me.

Derrick Rose still had his moments though, see exhibits A, B and C:

Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C

But alas, it wasn’t meant to be, but looking back at this season fills me with happy basketball memories. Maybe the fact there’s no basketball on right now is making me nostalgic, but, it’s nice to remember.

Maybe they weren’t even that good of a team. They didn’t win anything. They just had an unbelievable player. Or maybe they were. They were a great team defensively, and you have to defend as a team.

I don’t know.

Maybe they were better in my head, looking back at a team that only went as far as one Conference Championship and saying they were “my team” is a bit much.

But, they were my team.

Do I want to know how good they really were? No.

It’s just nice to think about my basketball team.

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