Buc-kle Up

(Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)
Long time no see (for all 3 of you here) but anyway – Brady is a Buc bay-bee!

Now we’ve all got lots of spare time, let’s talk about Tom Brady. He’s a Tampa Bay Buccaneer nowadays, if you didn’t know.

People seem to act like like Tom Brady is washed up, over the hill and too old. Maybe to a certain extent he is, it’s possible that numbers don’t lie. But in terms of a little context, only Carson Wentz was a quarterback on a playoff team that completed more passes than Brady, and only Russell Wilson was a quarterback on a playoff team that threw for more yards than Brady. These aren’t the only passing stats – I understand that.

27th in the league in yards per pass attempt is a little bit of a yikes. Plus, it’s not like his O-Line was as awful as some people made it out to be. He was sacked 4.2% of the time he tried to pass – that’s 5th best in the league.

But to me, it looks like he can still do job. Especially when he has a receiver that can get some separation from his defender. Can you name a receiver that The New England Patriots had (besides Edelman) this year? OK. Can you name me one who was actually any good this year? It’s pretty hard isn’t it?

No disrespect to those pass catchers, but they weren’t setting the world alight. You all saw that in the playoff game against the Titans. Yes, Tennessee’s defence played very well, but even on his pick 6 he was throwing into a tiny window, to a receiver that had no space.

If Mike Evans was on the New England Patriots they win that game. Yes, bold statement I know, one of the best Wide Receivers in the league would make a team better. But you know what I mean.

Mike Evans is going to be catching those passes from Brady in the coming season now anyway. He doesn’t need that much separation I guess, being one of the more reliable jump ball catchers in the NFL. He’s pretty good, and I reckon he’ll like playing with a quarterback that’s won stuff, and isn’t a walking interception.

Chris Godwin had a pretty good year too. 3rd in the NFL in receiving yards behind Michael Thomas and Julio Jones (but Thomas was so far ahead it’s basically second). Him and Evans are in the top 4 for receiving yards per game (2nd and 4th respectively). Heck, both of them are basically a first down in terms of receiving yards per target (Godwin had 11 and Evans had 9.8). So safe to say, Brady is throwing to better players than he was towards the end of his time in New England.

The questions come more with the running game and coaching in Tampa Bay.

Will Brady need a decent run game? I really don’t know. The Bucs were 24th in the NFL in rushing, about 300 yards behind the league average. But if they’re pumping all this money into the passing game, will they be that bothered about that?

Also, Bruce Arian’s offence is based around big plays, launching the ball down the field – so rushing might not be a concern. But does Tom Brady fit into this? His last season in New England he made more short passes, no some much dinking and dumping down the field, but he certainly wasn’t launching it all the time. Again, was that because of the receivers? Who knows. I do know he didn’t have Randy Moss to take the top off the defence like he had in years past.

Carson Palmer talked about how difficult Arian’s offensive system is – lots of formation changes, lots of changes at the line of scrimmage, and a crap load of plays that can be used in each game. But Brady is better than Palmer and Jameis Winston, and if anybody’s brain can handle that, it’s probably Tom Brady.

Andrew Luck had the most interceptions in a season of his career (18) under Arians in Indianapolis, but also the tied best record he’s ever had in a season (11-5). So will Brady be throwing loads, getting picked off loads, and scoring loads? I have no idea, but it’s likely. This is considering what Carson Palmer said, what Andrew Luck did, and especially what Jameis Winston’s season just looked like. I’m not sure what they’ll be running next season – will Brady do what Arians wants, or will Arians decide to try and stick with what his 42-year-old quarterback is used to? Either way, it’ll be interesting to see.

Either way, he’s still The GOAT, Tampa Bay still have good receivers and he went there for a reason. He’ll probably do just fine. All we need to do is watch – those cannons will more than likely be firing a fair few times in the coming season.

All information taken from somewhere not stated is from NFL.com or Pro Football Reference.

Quick side note – I am trying to post stuff more frequently, so watch this space, hopefully I’ll get back on the horse (in one way or another). Cheers!

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