Super Bowl LIV in review

(Mark J. Terrill/AP Photo)
A quick look back on the Kansas City Chief’s 31-20 win over the San Francisco 49ers. All of these things could probably be looked at in a lot more depth, but, I just wanted to get my thoughts out there while they were still fresh.

Well I don’t know about you, but I quite enjoyed that.

Patrick Mahomes is a pretty exciting player. He has been since the start of last season, to the end of this one. I’ve mentioned his arm strength before, and boy can he fling ’em, but you can tell him and the Chiefs came to play right from the start.

I thought Mahomes’ run on 3rd and 11 near the end of the first quarter, which ended in that big hit from Jimmie Ward and the ball flying out of bounds, was an example of that. He wasn’t sliding. He wanted to take that in for the touchdown.

Yes, also, exciting sometimes doesn’t mean taking care of the ball – and Mahomes had two interceptions. That first one was kind of a pretty un-Mahomes-like throw, I’m no professional Quarterback, but I really don’t know why he threw that – maybe it was a symptom of Mahomes blatantly disregarding the rules (as usual, and to some success) and thinking “I trust my arm, I can squeeze that in there”. But he couldn’t. The other interception was pretty unlucky in my opinion. It was slightly behind Tyreek Hill, but for me, he could do something with it.

But either way, big runs, big throws, big turnovers – Mahomes was exciting.

That 3rd and 11 run by Mahomes led to one of two huge 4th down conversions for the Chiefs too. For me, going for it on 4th down is super exciting, and these were both ace. The first Damien Williams one up the middle was just classic-bread-and-butter-good-old running the ball stuff. The Mahomes option/flip to Williams in the 2nd quarter was pretty slick too. Nick Bosa was right there.

Despite the two interceptions, Shea Serrano summed up Mahomes pretty well:

That bomb really changed the whole momentum of the game. That bomb was pure Mahomes. The stones to throw that pass, in that situation, at that time in the game, at that score. My lord. Patrick Mahomes take a bow if you haven’t already. He also had that pass to Sammy Watkins over Richard Sherman (who had a tough day) on a 2nd and 7 in the 4th quarter. It wasn’t Mahomes’ best game, but when they needed him, he stepped up.

Damien Williams was ace too – 104 yards and a touchdown on the ground isn’t too shabby. Many saw him as MVP but I can see why Mahomes got it. As we were saying during the game, it’s not Man of the Match like in football, it’s the Most Valuable Player. Patrick Mahomes was the most valuable.

49ers’ fans would probably argue the referees were pretty valuable for the Chief’s too.

Kansas City probably got away with a false start in the 4th quarter on a 3rd and 14 for San Francisco. That pass interference on George Kittle earlier in the game in the 2nd quarter with 14 seconds left was harsh. Let’s be honest, it was harsh. But the rule is harsh. A push is a push, even if it’s a little push – it’s still a push. You can see it bought him some space, so the right call for me. But still harsh, people have got away with more.

Speaking of George Kittle’s San Francisco 49ers, I hate to say it, but, I think they bottled it.

Jimmy Garoppolo missed a few open passes. That deep shot to Emmanuel Sanders. That wide open George Kittle over the middle. The questions were there when he only threw the ball 8 times for 77 yards against Green Bay in the conference championship. I hate to do it, but, he just wasn’t good enough. Is he good enough? I really don’t know. He had some moments in the regular season (the win in New Orleans) but, the questions have always been there.

And Poor Kyle Shanahan.

The man is a fantastic coach, there’s no doubt about it. But I think he bottled it too. Just keep running the ball. You’re up by 10 in the 4th quarter. Just keep running the ball. Yes, Chris Simms said on NBC’s Pro-Football Talk that it’s not like they were just ripping off huge runs each time, which is true, but the reason they were in the Super Bowl was because they ran the ball so well all year. Just do what you do best. To me, those weird little flips, reverses, and motions seemed to do well. Just keep doing that. Who cares if it’s a bit gimmicky, you win the Super Bowl!

Now people will always mention 28-3, and now 20-10, and I’m not slating Shanahan – but in my opinion these criticisms seem to have a bit of justification now. He will be back, and this next season will be a huge challenge for him as an NFL head coach. To pick himself up, and pick his team up, and to go again will be hard. We saw it with McVay this year. But he can do it.

All in all, I think the best team won. Well, actually maybe not. The best player won. Mahomes willed them to that win. Plus I think everyone is happy for Andy Reid (me included).

The interesting thing is to see what will happen next with Kansas City. Mahomes contract runs out at the end of next year, and you know they’re going to give him as much money as they can – and he deserves it, everyone in the world would do the same. But will it be a crippling contract? Or is now the start of the ‘Mahomes Era’?

All info from Pro Football Reference, Spotrac and me watching the ruddy Super Bowl.

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